"RANKING DATO" : The 'made in Alava' in the 21st century

Ten years ago, "Economic Data" was a report with the companies that best represented the economic activity in the territory, those which we identified outside our boundaries.

After a decade, and despite the conjuncture of crisis, the fixed "picture" of the business fabric of Alava is throwing the same names, but in this case it is not a symptom of stagnation but quite the opposite.

The territory has solid companies with a track record, a Centennial, which have become the watchword of the environment.

They can boast of not succumbing to the embites of the economy.

But now, in addition, joined in listing other companies, of the most various sectors, who embody the ┬┤made in alava┬┤del 21st century.

Front remains his 'older sisters' all for show, but they are already running ways. Well because you are the leader of its market, because it is well present abroad, because they are an example of account results in black

Either way, have become a niche racing authentic Giants on equal terms and without cowardice.

Among the new companies, we wish to highlight to OMEGA ELEVATOR as a company that continues to grow in the sector of lift at the international level, with constant expansion into new international markets and by half the world, offering and selling their products designed, manufactured and developed in Alava.

Congratulations to all them..

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