XXVII of the Alava companies internationalization award

The past 28/11/2012, the company OMEGA ELEVATOR, S.A. was honored in the Act of 27TH awards to the internationalization of the Alava companies, together with companies Loramendi-Aurrenak and Bodegas Eguren Ugarte, for their great effort in internationalisation throughout the last year.

The inverter and promotional effort in markets of emerging countries with high potential for development through own deployments in countries of Northern Africa and Latin America, and its growing export propensity and diversification of markets, served as the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Alava OMEGA ELEVATOR as the 2012.

The President of the Chamber of trade of Alava, Mr. Gregorio Rojo, stressed the importance of the recognition of Alava companies awarded, in "a situation of serious economic crisis in the domestic market and in European and international countries major destinations in Alava export markets"..

With the award of this prize, recognizes human effort and the professional career of this company by increasing its presence in the big world lift market. This award is a recognition of our work of continuous and constant technological growth international expansion.

The Chamber of Commerce of Alava, delivery each year internationalization Awards, which highlights is the effort of companies in Alava by expanding their presence in the world market. According to studies carried out by the own Chamber of Commerce, internationalized enterprises, are the better bear the gaining of the economic crisis.

The survival of companies will depend, largely, of the ability to achieve sales in new international markets, and therefore, OMEGA ELEVATOR continues each day in the search for new international markets and countries that require innovative development and leading-edge technology in the field of elevation, which is one of the main features of OMEGA ELEVATOR.

OMEGA ELEVATOR management team
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