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Death of the Founder of OMEGA ELEVATOR: Mr. Juan José Azurmendi

On 31/10/2011, passed away the President and founder of OMEGA ELEVATOR, Mr D. Juan José Azurmendi at the age of 65, after a long illness.

From very young and just finish their technical studies, dedicated a lifetime professional elevation world, starting his career as industrial in the signing of the multinational Zardoya Otis, serving 6 years as Assistant Director of engineering in Madrid, and later in 1975 he moved to the capital of Vitoria as cooperative in Electra Vitoria, where he was Technical Director and Manager, until they decided to fly on their own and set up his business in 1989 : OMEGA ELEVATOR, S.A.

Approachable persona, of easy communication, faithful to its ideals, always committed to an extraordinary professional dedication and work for what most wanted, your company.

A lifetime full of constant sacrifice for the work well done, by the illusion that it was reporting you personally, by its constant innovations creative in terms of elevation, and above all, by the great vision that had for many years in concept of internationalization and export in a variety of countries across many continents.

It is therefore, by his great personal effort and by his great professional sacrifice, who became a prominent businessman in Alava, recognizing her in 2007 as "President of the Association of entrepreneurs Alava (SEA)", as well as Director of the Department of internationalization of the Chamber of trade of Alava. Congratulations because you came to be the best !!

He was a man always committed to their ideals and their professional and work environment. It was a clear example of entrepreneurial and driving person of the internationalization of enterprises. Competitive businessman, conciliator, negotiator and always committed to the defence of the interests and concerns of the business community, which left a "deep mark" in Alava entrepreneurship to the March. It had a capacity of work unparalleled to anyone, a technical vision superior to others, and a constant entrepreneurial drive. You were the best and they thus recognized him !!

From here, we want to keep reminding him at all times, for his great career, for their great business ideas, by its constant growth and pull forward, and for this reason, always keep you alive in our minds and in our hearts of all those who form the human and professional team of OMEGA ELEVATOR.

By him, Juanjo, you will always be present in our minds and in our hearts,

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