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The growing concern around the world for the environment, and particularly by global warming of the planet, makes that energy efficiency is a matter of utmost importance to devote time and resources.

The buildings represent approximately 40% of global energy demand by the system. Inside the buildings, the elevators (escalators and vertical transport in general) contribute with a value between 3-8% of this consumption.

Worldwide, there are about 8.5 million of lifts that consume a power of 18 TWh/year (equivalent to the power of 2 nuclear power plants) installed.

Approximately, average, 450,000 new elevators are installed each year in the world.

The lifts have a great potential to improve energy efficiency and to contribute its part to reduce CO2 emissions in the environment. This does not only apply to the elevators in new construction, but also for the existing ones that tend to be the least efficient energy by the seniority of its technology and its components.

The concept of ecodesign applied in our products allows you to minimize the emission of waste polluting the nature and environment, and therefore reduce energy consumption during the useful life of the product, resulting in lower monetary costs for the user.

Our products are designed to save energy and produce minimal environmental impact. Each and every one of our components are designed for increased energy savings, which increases its eco-efficiency to the next level.

Among these elements ECOENERGY, we highlight the following:

  • Gearless Traction.The Gearless machine of permanent magnet synchronous motor, is the heart of energy eco-efficiency. High performance, eliminating entirely from internal oils, low noise, low RPMs, in conjunction with energy technology and the frequency converter, allows substantial savings with regard to conventional machines with gear.
  • Efficient configuration and structural part weight reduction.The lift consumes less power and the rated power of the machine or gear is reduced.
  • Efficient lighting of the cabin.For this purpose are placed leds allowing to reduce consumption by more than 90%. They do not generate heat, something important in a space small and reduced as it is a cabin lift, and last up to 10 times more than other lighting systems.
  • Automatic stand-by of cabin lighting.Applying an intelligent led lighting control it is possible to drastically reduce power consumption. Usually the cabin lighting remains lit during 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, even when the lift is not used and remains standing for several hours. The solution to avoid this energy expenditure is auto off light in the cabin when it passes some time without the elevator to be used. Cabin light turns off and stays off until the doors open to be turned on again. In this way, can save more than 70% of the energy consumed by the cabin lighting. Based on led technology, allows a shutdown and instant-on, which is not possible with traditional fluorescent brightening.
  • Automatic standby of ventilation, signs and drive.During the time in which the elevator remains in waiting (night time) teams they consume energy, however during this period of time they do not perform any service, so that they automatically switches off to not consume electricity unnecessarily.

Everything described above, by OMEGA in its eagerness to improve continuously in the field of energy eco-efficiency will continue investigating and improving as much as possible in terms of eco-design and incorporation of new eco-efficient products, which contribute towards a maximum reduction of emission of CO2 in nature and less impact energy in the consumption.

Because the Nature is for all, contribute to care for and respect it.