In OMEGA ELEVATOR, we understand the Quality as the integration of various activities and professional services, technical developments, new projects of innovation and study of improvements in industrial manufacturing processes, for achievement and satisfaction of the expectations of our current customers and future potential customers, while maintaining a respect for the environment at all times and thoroughly according to a set plan of prevention of labour risks, in order to achieve business excellence in our day-to-day management.

This approach to Quality in our processes and our products, is supported by the following principles:

For 25 years, Quality has been one of our main parameters to pursue and has made OMEGA a mark of confidence in the sector of lift and as clear alternative out of the multinationals. Our customers expect the best equipment OMEGA, and to achieve that goal, we work daily thoroughly and intense.

In our company, we are aware of the importance of quality for excellent service.

Therefore, our Quality policy is based on the commitment of all staff, promoted and led from the direction, to achieve continuous development and improvement of our resources, processes and products.

To achieve these objectives, we strive to fulfill and improve our system of quality management, using it as a permanent framework of our activities and collaborating in their improvement and continuous improvement every day, through the fulfilment of objectives of quality that are our benchmark of overcoming.

In order to ensure their effective and efficient implementation of which we are all responsible, the address has been appointed as Representative Director of Quality of for the quality management system, and it has been given the authority and responsibility required to comply it, identify opportunities for improvement and propose the most appropriate solutionsacting as coordinator of our efforts of improvement.

The obtained certifications, highlight the recognition of our work, our task and our commitment to Quality.

Our Quality system is certified according to the model ISO-9001, and designed equipment and services, conform to the provisions of Directive 95/16/EC on lifts and elevators, having this special scope certifications conform to annex XIII - module H of the previous directive for complete lifts and annex IV for significant changes in elevators.

ISO 9001 Elevator Directive 95/16 Annexed IV